News :

11/2019: Received a Google gift.

09/2018: One paper got accepted to VLDB'19, which reduces the redundant computation in graph processing engines.

09/2018: Our IISWC paper on mutli-GPU benchmark suite Tartan is nominated as Best Paper. Try out Tartan.

08/2018: I was invited to give two talks at Intel performance brown bag. I hope these talks can influence the future Intel PMU design.

05/2018: ASPLOS'18 nominated our paper (Witch) to ACM SIGs for CACM Research Highlights.

04/2018: Witch (ASPLOS'18) got featured in the Morning Paper blog and also got discussed in a Chinese blog.

03/2018: Two papers accepted to ICS'18.

02/2018: Received Google Faculty Research Award.

02/2018: Our PPoPP'18 paper received the Best Paper Award.

01/2018: 1 paper accepted to PMAM located with PPoPP'18. We have demonstrated the tradeoff between SIMD and locality.

12/2017: 1 paper accepted to PPoPP'18. We have designed an extremely lightweight profiler to identify false sharing between threads and processes.

11/2017: 1 paper accepted to ASPLOS'18. We have designed a new profiling framework in this work.

10/2017: 3 papers accepted to CGO'18.

09/2017: SciDAC 4 got funded from DOE.

02/2017: Our RedSpy paper was nominated as the best paper at ASPLOS'17.

02/2017: We will hold a tutorial at CGO'17 about CCTLib.

01/2017: Our paper on leveraging machine learning techniques to understand bandwidth contention got accepted to IPDPS'17.

11/2016: OpenMP Tools API (OMPT) was accepted to OpenMP 5.0. I was involved in designing OMPT and the first performance tool based on it. Refer to our ICS'13 paper.

11/2016: Want to try a highly efficient abortable lock? Refer to our PPoPP'17 paper.

11/2016: Three papers got accepted to ASPLOS'17. Topics cover value profiling, GPU preemption, and GPU locality.

08/2016: A collaborative grant with Felix Lin (Purdue) is funded by NSF.

04/2016: Want to see the data placement in a real system with heterogeneous memory? Refer to our ISMM'16 paper.

03/2016: False sharing can improve performance!! Refer to our HPDC'16 paper.

11/2015: Our SC'15 paper received the Best Paper Award.

11/2015: Our paper on efficient data movement in heterogeneous memory got accepted to ASPLOS'16.

11/2015: Two papers got accepted to CGO'16.

08/2015: The first paper by my student was accepted to PACT'15.

07/2015: My first independent work was accepted to SC'15 and nominated as the best paper.

03/2015: A sole-PI NSF proposal was awarded.